Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hobby update this time in Video form

Sunday, November 21, 2010

a New amazing show and a new amazing forum.

Change is a part of life and sometimes what changes is for the best. Deep Strike Radio a fantastic pod cast that started a few weeks ago is launching a forum, The Custodes. Its a fantastic community with a lot experienced and knowledgable gamers. The forums themselves have been up on a limited beta for the last 3 days. I'm one of the Moderators of the forum so come and check us out. We want your ideas your knowledge and you to show off your hobby skills. Advance in the community is based on the quality not the quantity of your post. So bring it to win. And check out deep strike radio. Great show that takes a more fluff oriented take to the game itself and some excellent list building advice as well. They recently completed a full and very exciting review of the Dark Eldar codex. Check them out at www.deepstrikeradio.com and come to the start of what will be on of the greatest hobby forums on the planet the custodes. at www.thecustodes.com

Sunday, November 14, 2010

1850 Tournament Yesterday.

The Heroic 28's put on an event at Area 51 in grapevine Yesterday that a lot of the crew up from Austin, Texas including BigRed and BushidoPanda of BOlS fame. The event was a 4 round Rogue Trader style tourney that used the nova style missions, the fixed objective 5 objects, the modified kill points, and the modified Vps and table quarters in various combinations It was an interesting tournament and I have say it was a lot of fun. I went 2-2 with my first game being a very tight lose, my second game being a tight win, my third game I was able to get a major victory which shot me up to table 8. On table 8 my opponent and I had a very good game, but I screwed up a few things early on namely my deployment which hurt me through out the game leading to a major lose. Not a bad day, the list I used was C:SM

Libby Null Zone and Avenger
10 Tactical termies 1xCF 2xCml,
2 drop poding Dreads 1 MM DCCWSB 1 Assault Cannon and DCCWSB with Locator beacons on the pods,
10man tactical melta RL and combimelta in a droppod,
2 1o man tacticals in rhinos 1 with PF Melta Rl, the other Flamer RL srgt combimelta,
2x Landspeeder storms with MMs
2 Dakka Preds(AC,and HBs)

The list preformed exceedingly well, combat tactics is an incredible tool in the space marine tool toy box. Tactical termies preformed exceedingly well in all but the final game as my ability to roll 2+ armor saves ended. Having to do it again the storms under preformed. My ideas with them worked however their impact on the overall game was minimal amazingly no one chose my storms as their kill points. I think two tweaks to this list would be to eliminate the storms and replace them with Upgrading the libby to Terminator armor with a Storm shield, giving extra armor to both dreads, and taking a normal landspeeder with a Multimelta. That set up is stronger overall the storms were interesting but not having the points for their normal scout units made them greatly under preform. More to come

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Combat Patrol Adepticon 2011

Well I am making my plans for my Adepticon combat patrol army and am leaning towards taking my nids. Because I am really liking how the army looks above everything else at the moment. The army plays extremely fun at low points and I can have potentially a bunch of stuff on the table.

Potentially list one is a tribute to the great mind that is Russ Waklin of the D6 Generation who has long ascribed to a theory of list design he calls Back, Dakk, and Hack. Essentially you want something that can disrupt your opponents backfield, You need to be able to shoot, and you need to be able to Close combat.

The Lists
3xWarriors with DeathSpitters Scything talons
1xHive Guard
13xHormaguants with Toxin Sacs and Adrenal Glands

The list provides shooting both anti tank and antiinfantry in the form of the Warriors and the Hive guard. the stealers can either infiltrate or outflank disrupting the opponents back field they also provide some additional Close combat strength. The Hormaguants wound everything on a 4+ and are int 6 on the charge providing even more close combat strength.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Assault as a can opener

I want to dispel a popular myth, the best way to kill a vehicle in 40k is shooting. Lets look at this you need to be able to see it and it needs to not have smoke up, you need to be able to roll to hit it, you'll likely be against its hardest armor facing. Then you have to get a penetrating roll. Typically your anti shooting is only 1 shot per unit, 2 if your lucky. Melta is an excellent choice for this operation, however look at the ranges you require to get the full benefit of the majority of melta weapons, you either have to 12"in for a multimelta or 6"in for a melta gun. That puts you into assault range, or rapid fire range of your opponent.

An a perfect world your shooting will blow up or disable the enemies armor, however anyone that plays regularly realizes that only in the nebulous world of numbers does that always hold true. In reality you will miss your shots, you will fail to penetrate, and someone will make 100% of their cover saves.

Assaulting a vehicle changes the game first and foremost you always hit a vehicle on rear armor. Which is typcially the weakest armor it has. The mighty Leman Russ and its many variants still only have a max rear armor of 11. Much better then the 14 front and 13 sides you'd normally have to deal with while shooting. Also many units are either equipped with or can purchase grenades. Meaning if you have Krak grenades you now have a str6 attack on rear armor on a standard marine or even a marine scout. You will hit depending on how far your opponent moved, sometimes you need 4's sometimes you need 6's but sometimes you autohit. But this also means you are throwing more dice at the problem then typically if you are shooting at the vehicle as not all soldiers carry antitank weapons usable in the shooting phase.

The dangers of assaulting the vehicle are if you explode the vehicle you expose yourself to damage and you are never looked in combat with a vehicle so yes you can be shot. However if your opponent doesn't move or can't move his vehicle out of base to base, during his assault phase you are considered to be in combat with the vehicle and get to hit it again.

When assaulting a vehicle try and position your charge in such a way as to use the vehicle as cover, you may get a wrecked result, meaning the vehicle stays put and is essentially los blocking terrain. Also you can set up some nasty multi-charges by declaring on a vehicle and sweeping into other units so long as you position yourself properly. For better or worse 40k has become a can opener game, make sure you aren't leaving tools in your tool box to open that can, sometimes it just takes a fist.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pics of the Nids

Prepare for Hive Fleet Dendrobate

The hive fleet grows preparing for its strike.