Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time for more Battle Reports

Had a chance to get a game in yesterday with Cameron. Great game as always video battle report is linked at the end of the post.

Some Flavor Text.

In Preparation for the Festival of Swords Chapter Master Neuva Cartage and elements of the 1st company of Brotherhood of Fios staged their wargame with their geneseed brothers the Black Templars. Twas to be a training exercise on both sides in preparation for the games of the Festival. A suitable abandon city was found and both the Marshal of the Templars and the Brother hood took their positions on the field. It was to be a test of strength and as such only units fully destroyed would count towards the winner. The Black templar prepared their march in traditional battle line postion. Master Cartage in stead refused his right and anchor his defense around the building on the left. The Marshal and the Chapter Master Saluted and then in unison proclaimed FOR DORN! as their forces advanced on each other.

Battle Report 2 Imperial fists vs Black Templar

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Update Work in Progress

Working on my Preheresy-during the Siege of Terra era Imperial Fists

Photobucket Work in Progress picture just did him up tonight his helm is from the empire knights in Fantasy with a lot of cuting and file work to make it look like the Mk3 style of armor. The over all goal is to have a fully field able highly kitbashed heresy era army assembled and painted for adepticon 2012. 2011 time frame is too tight, with the nids being work on at the same time so I'd rather get this army 100% right for the 2012 championships.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Prepare for Battle....REPORT!

Deep in the heart of the now destroyed city of Turban, lurks the main resistance of the upstart heretics forces. Believing in his arrogance and greed that Imperial soldiers could be squandered to fight his own personal war, Commander Cam de Brown had been told by Regional Command that the planet of Narithirian was complaint and was under no circumstances to be pillaged for supplies. De Brown had other intentions and rapidly descended his forces on the unsuspecting city of Turban. Imperial distress calls state that De Brown had launch his invasion of the planet capital to secure certain artifacts of unknown and unholy origin. Turbans citizenry were unprepared for an attack by disloyal imperial forces, they put up little defense but did manage to get an astropathic message sent before the high chamber was breached. This message was picked up by Librarian Vandet Ordos and he directed the Brotherhood of Fios' strikecruiser towards Narithirain to deliver imperial justice. Only a complete annihilation of Cam de Brown's forces would cleanse this planet, FOR CARTHAGE,FOR DORN, AND FOR THE FATHER OF ALL ON EARTH! The brotherhood chanted their ancient battle cry as they descended for the fight.

Imperial Guard Vs Space Marines 1500pts watch the show


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Rancor's back with more ideas on C;SM

Codex Space Marines my codex of choice I've been playing marines since I came into this game 10 years ago. The current version of the codex has captured my imagination since it was released and despite the evolution of the game in the forms of the Space Wolves, and Blood Angels I am still a huge fan of what Codex marines offers even at a tournament level.

I been playing around with some builds lately focusing on making combat tactics the focus of the list. In a game that focuses on getting the charge off, combat tactics has the ability to deny the charge. Many armies are built around the charge, the ability to auto fail the moral check and regroup the following term is a game changer and a way that we can keep codex marines relevant without having to run a Vulkan List.

This has lead to some fairly interesting changes in my thoughts on tactical squads design. Played a game the other day against a codex marine list that built his tactical squads like this, 8bolters, Special weapon, srgt with Combimelta and Pw. The real change here in design to the typical is not taking the heavy weapon. This kinda threw me until I saw how much freedom it gave the squad, instead of limiting the rocket launcher to a bolt pistol or having to combat squad or have the entire team stay still, instead he used this squad like an advancing cohort of a roman legion.

It gave him a clear focus for his tactical squad as opposed to trying to have it fill multiple roles but doing all of them poorly. Seeing this it made me see if such a build would work in my army. From table top experience I would say it will increase the efficiency of my overall build

List to Ponder 1850

Terminator Libby storm bolter, Force weapon, Null zone and Avenger

10 Man Termy Squad 2xCml and 1xCF

Dread with MM CCW/HF
in drop pod with Locator beacon

Dread with Assault Cannon CCW/HF
in drop pod with Locator beacon

10 man tactical with Missle, Melta and Combimelta in a drop pod

10man tactical with melta and PF and bolter srgt in a rhino

10 man tactical with flamer and combimelta in a rhino

5 man scout squad with CCw/Bps Srgt with Combimelta and melta bomb

Pred with AC and Hb sponsons
Pred with AC and HB sponsons.

Thought, opinions, and a video to come.