Monday, April 4, 2011

Adepticon Was Awesome

Holy cow Adepticon if you haven't been you should go. It was amazing. One of those places that you hype up and then its able to live up to the hype. This was my first Adepticon and as I attempt to recover from it I'm still in awe of the entire situation. First off Hats of to Privateer Press the Press Ganger Crew that was their and one of the most brilliant ideas I'd ever scene. I now have played have bought and am excited to buy and play more Privateer Press Warmachine then I ever thought I would be. I had stated flat out I would never get into warmachine. The irony was not lost on me after getting my swag bag and finding cryx inside I was able to trade it for Menoth. With Menoth I played my build and battle game and won the rule book. 20 mins later I was down the vendor hall buying a box of Exemplar bastions. At bitz trading I found the choir of Menoth. and at 2am I went to a vendor and found a solo I wanted for my 25 point. I not only bought the box of exemplars I put them together immediately. My buddy who got the cyrx box traded it for Khador, he bought man a wars, a rifle company, his card deck, we both bought templates and he got me the Menoth book and counters as a late birthday present. So yeah know I'm one of those gamers that plays and is excited to talk about multiple systems. Thank you Adepticon and thank you Privateer Press