Saturday, September 10, 2011

So 40k ehh

I'm in a weird spot in my hobby life. Time wise I'm limited and the amount of time a standard 4ok game takes is meaning I haven't been able to play a 40k game in about 3 months. Couple this with the finding of a game called Malifaux. This game has taken my close circle of friends by storm and I find myself orchestrating a campaign for us. I'm really enjoying the game more so then I have enjoyed 40k in the last year.

One of the truths I've come to is I don't really like to play 40k in a competitive manor. I'm tired of fighting Space Wolves, IG and Grey Knights with a sprinkling of Blood angels. I'm tired of not being able to bring the nids out in the local environment because everyone is playing tournament style lists at pick up game time. I don't want to play a tournament game when I'm just looking for a pick up game. I just want a nice relaxed game of 40k without all the crazy WAAC. My close friends locally have moved away from 40k and to malifaux and so I'm being drawn to that. Eventually I'll come back to 40k not retiring just not planning on doing any tourney's with them outside of Adepticon where I plan to combat patrol again. I really enjoy combat patrol 400pts of fury just makes 40k more enjoyable then 2000pts of spam.

Its where i'm at could change in a week, could change in a year. Till then keep rolling.

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